When you think of the University of Georgia’s intramural fields one thing might come to mind: sports.

For one UGA organization however, the intramural fields memorializes its annual fundraising event. Since Relay for Life began at UGA in 1999, the organization’s chapter here has held their event every April at places like the Spec Towns Track and Ramsey student center track.

Last year, Relay for Life held their annual event at the intramural fields due to its parking abundance and convenient on-campus location.

With roughly 2,500 people expected to attend, making sure there is enough space to compensate every survivor and member is a high priority.  

Brittany Lewis, a senior from Kennesaw, Georgia, serves as production director and coordinates the 24-hour event. Her responsibilities include figuring out the logistics for Relay for Life event: the entertainment schedule, financing and coordinating things such as the layout of the porta-potties, stages, police and emergency vehicles.

“Personnel at Ramsey and the intramural fields are so helpful and it gives us enough space to have what we need,” Lewis said.

In 2009, a new parking deck was opened at the intramural fields, creating 500 new spots in addition to spaces near tennis courts and other fields. This provides the organization with plenty of spaces for all in attendance.

For the night, tents are arranged to give teams a place to continue to fundraise throughout the event, serve as lounges for cancer survivors, and inform participants about cancer research advocacy and information.

“Even though there is not a physical track, we line up the teams around in a sort of oval shape so that it simulates what a track would look like,” Lewis said.

The center of the “track” remains open, giving people a place to congregate, take a break, or walk through.

UGA Relay for Life’s official goal for this year is $250,000, but Lewis said, “personally, a lot of us [on executive board] are aiming for $300,000.”

Last year, UGA Relay raised $177, 226.74 for the event and has raised in total more than $3 million since this chapter was started.

UGA Relay for Life will hold its 18th annual event April 7-8 at the intramural fields.


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